At Artistry In Sound we believe that talent is the most important component to getting a great sounding Soundtrack for your project. We have over 100 years of combined experience. We have worked on some of Hollywood’s biggest Feature Films and Television Shows. But we have also have lent our creative talents to numerous types of other projects including, Video Games, Promos, Documentaries as well as Web Series. As budgets get tighter, the need to push the creative boundaries of soundtracks still remain. So finding a different approach was absolutely necessary.

We adopted a new business model that we call “Sound Without Boundaries”. It allows us to pair our projects with incredibly talented Sound Editors and Re-Recording Mixers. It also allows us to, utilize the best dubbing Stage options based on geographical preference and budget. Since we don’t have huge overhead costs, we can pass our savings on to our clients. We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional sound no matter what the budget, every single time.

Simply, ARTISTRY IN SOUND is What We Create!

About Our Founder

ARTISTRY IN SOUND was founded by Multi-Award Winning Supervising Sound Designer/Re-Recording Mixer, Kenneth L. Johnson. Kenneth grew up in South Central Los Angeles amidst gangs, drugs and violence. But he was fortunate to find his first love… music. He learned to play the bass guitar and played in several local bands. This helped take his focus away from the lure of the streets. He became fascinated with the world of music and attended the now-defunct recording school, Hollywood Sound Arts, as well as, Long Beach City College, where he studied Recording Engineering and Music Production. After several years as a recording engineer, he attended a class in sound editing at Todd AO. He was given a job as a sound effects editor on the television show Melrose Place in 1995 and the rest is, as they say, history.

Our Talented Team

Our team has contributed to the following projects:

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